Men with Long Hair – a Threat to Masculinity? Professionalism? a Kindergarten Class?

11 07 2008

“How long my hair is, it tells me how long I’ve been here.” A five year old boy (and his parents) are currently protesting a Texas superintendent’s ultimatum: Cut off the boy’s hair, or he cannot go to elementary school here.

The superintendent explains: “A school district is a reflection of the community. We’ve consistently been very conservatively dressed, very conservatively disciplined. It’s no secret what our policy is: You’ll cut your hair to the right point. You’ll tuck in your shirt. You’ll have a belt.”

He continues, “How can it be outdated? How many doctors, professionals, lawyers, look at your military branches, look at bankers, how many of them have long hair? How many have beards? How many have body piercings all over their face?”

“If you want to think we’re backwards…no one is asking you to move to Needville and have these opinions invoked on you,” Rhodes says. “All the kids I graduated with — there’s a bunch of us back in Needville — we never thought we’d come back. Backwards isn’t all that bad when you become the parent.”

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3 responses

11 07 2008

Backwards isn’t all that bad when you’re a robot.

11 07 2008

That’s an insult to fine robots the world over.

12 07 2008

Yeah…that’s pretty ridiculous.
My brother started growing his hair out in fourth grade, so I assumed that all cool males had long hair. Consequently, my drawings of The Backstreet Boys when they first came out are of a bunch of guys with long hair.

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