Lindsay would like to welcome you to her little corner of the universe and invites you to stay awhile!


The Faerie Project

Criss Cross Eco Punk Circus

Downside Up Circus

Division III

Who is this striking young lady?

Lindsay is a student of science with a strong attraction to the world of art in all its forms. She loves traveling, circus, and being underwater. Her favorite animal is the wolf and her favorite word is bath, followed closely by arrow and sparkle. Her hair has been called “curl challenged” and she has been called “compulsively adorable”. Once a swimmer, always a swimmer, Lindsay has been a competitive swimmer since she was 7, though presently she has retired from the world of chlorine in favor of trapeze, silks and acrobatics. (A pisces, she invites anyone to muse about her seamless change from water to air.) Lindsay’s vibrant career as a writer reached its peak in third grade when one of her stories was made into a class play in which she was both an actor and the director. Always looking for a new adventure, Lindsay hopes to see you at Anticipation this summer.

Science Fiction History:

Lindsay was read Carl Sagan’s Contact by her father when she was in elementary school. He also introduced her to the movie around the same time – it is still one of her favorite movies. She devoured worlds hungrily and by the end of middle school she had read hundreds upon hundreds of books, mostly within the genres of fantasy and science fiction . Her reading slowed as she began to roleplay (text-based storytelling free form roleplaying) and to write instead. She created worlds with a passion that was as an O main sequence star, so hot and bright that it was not long sustained. By college she was no longer consuming nor creating worlds with any mentionable frequency…

At Hampshire College Lindsay met Jacob (found elsewhere on this blog.) She was introduced formally to table-top gaming and has been a part of some campaign or another since. She even DM’s once in a while for Hampshire’s semesterly Deathfest tournament. Jacob also introduced her to Science Fiction Conventions! Lindsay attended Arisia for the past four years (2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) steadily increasing her presence from attendee to volunteer to performer to staff to art show participant and panelist. In August 2009 she attended her first Worldcon, Anticipation and hopes to attend more Worldcons in the future!

Needless to say, her passion for things science-y and fiction-y has been reignited, so keep checking back for more awesome things!

Things She Loves:

sparkles, glitter, bubbles, swords, daggers, henna, body art, climbing trees, going on quests, playing, magic, plants, jungles, stars, meteor showers, space ships, roleplaying, writing stories, orbs, marbles, being underwater, ice, reading, fantasy, mythology, ancient civilizations, adventuring, unschooling, dreams, love, handstands, gymnastics, belly dancing, summer, fall, winter, spring, being barefoot, ice cream, snow flakes, rain, thunderstorms, furniture, decorating, baking, potions, colored pencils, pretty paper, horses, piles of kittens, rainbows, unicorns, corsets, chess, dragons, sea glass, rock climbing, costumes, pretty clothes, playing dress-up, music, wooden flutes, swimming, berry-picking, making smoothies, apple picking, knights, ninjas, circus, fine chocolate, gorgeous old buildings, stained glass, fireflies, blacksmithing, spontaneousness, creativity, wings, faeries, the ocean, painting, the moon, stargazing, learning languages, traveling, libraries, used book stores, alternative education, Celtic knots, wolves, circus, astronomy, comets, planets, shooting stars, infrared light, the Omen

2 responses

23 09 2008

Hey, you live near mass o.o cool! are any of you going to AAC in NH or AB in MA? also do you got a myspace?

23 09 2008

that comment was ment to you and all your friends sorry a bit tired

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