Who is Rachel Rakov?

Rachel is a recent Hampshire College graduate, seeking life, love, and employment. Her academic concentration was linguistics, with a side of creative writing. In addition to drawing sentence trees and doing phonetic transcriptions, she also enjoys rock climbing and referring to herself in the third person. She is a member of an a cappella group, is certified to teach English, and can fold two hand towels into an elephant. She can speak enough Chinese to argue with taxi drivers in Shanghai.

Science Fiction History

Rachel cannot remember a time when her father did not talk to her about time travel.

In middle school, Rachel beat all of the nerdy boys in her class at a series of games of “Hitchhiker’s Trivia”: a game composed of asking each other trivia questions from the increasingly inaccurately named “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” five book trilogy. Her almost rabid devotion to Douglas Adams only grew after his untimely death in 2001, and she celebrated his memory by both playing him in an online Real Life Dead Person’s role playing game Dead Men Talking, and by writing columns in his honor for an on campus publication called The Omen.

In high school, Rachel was a member of “SPCG&S”, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Grammar and Spelling.

Rachel is an avid reader and writer of science fiction, and dabbles in many things geekish.   She sits at the edge of the Harry Potter fandom, dangles her toes into the waters of the comic world (preferring Marvel over DC), has occasionally hero-worshiped the BBC, longs to write for a food blog, and adores B movies (and is hoping, one day, to see the movie “The Hideous Sun Demon”, whose tag line is “Thermodynamic Horror From Outer Space!”).  Her year long senior thesis (Div III) was a story cycle called “言为心声” (Language From The Heart’s Voice), and was an attempt at writing science fiction pieces based on a mostly- discredited linguistic theory.   She is passionate about language, books, food, various geekery, and Chinese.



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13 12 2008


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