Vampires vs. Werewolves: Sex Appeal

10 07 2008

After reading Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith I was inspired to do some basic google image searches:



Obviously in most cases vampires are way more sexual and attractive than werewolves, though if you look at the animals they are associated with…



I think there could be a market here (and largely untapped) for a different, sexier werewolf. If dead people can be hot, can’t part-time people, part-time wolves? As a child wolves were my favorite animal, and it made me angry when I saw them “demonized“. I think it might be worth exploring a different way to portray these monstrosities of nature. My brief internet searching lead me to two movies with (apparently) sexy werewolves: Skin Walkers (which I did not see) and Underworld (which I did see). Are there any others?

Anyway, back to the book:

Tantalize basically goes through the same motions any other vampire/werewolf story goes through. Vampires are dark, seductive, sexy in all the tight black clothing, fishnet and Gothic ways you would expect while the Werewolf is wild, masculine, muscled, dangerous, and untamed. The book does attempt to surprise with the “guess who was a vampire all along!” move, and though the author did have her surprise vampire characters breaking the traditional vampire character “feel”, the reveals just seemed silly and unsurprising. Definitely a teen “candy book” that I read in a two and a half hour sitting, the story began as interesting and ended as unsatisfying. In the beginning I cared about the characters and their development, but by the end I just wanted the story to be over. The author left so much of the story unfinished until the last 50 pages that I was afraid the end would say “Continued in book two…” – thankfully, the story did manage to (messily) wrap itself up in those 50 pages, though I would hardly be surprised if a sequel appeared at some point in the near future.

What I want now is a story about vampires and/or werewolves that really breaks the current sex-crazed “smoking hot vampire” trend and the one-dimensional sexual werewolf stereotype filled with masculine “bad boy” energy. (I mean, a werewolf is guided by the cycles of the moon, right? This gives me some ideas for a different look at werewolves… ahem. Bad time of the month? You don’t know the half of it…) I want a story that will really mess with my expectations for both vampires and werewolves (and maybe one that stays away from focusing on the romanticizing/sexicizing of either.) Any recommendations?

Another interesting point in this whole discussion: “Someone might accuse you of being a furry.”

So, does finding werewolves sexy make one a furry? Does fantasizing about having sex with vampires make one a necrophiliac? Does discussing any of this really matter when we’re talking about mythical creatures? Discuss!




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10 07 2008

For a clever take on werewolves— Find one of the Discworld books with Sgt. Angua, she’s one of my favorite lady- werewolf characters. Terry Prachett has some very refreshing vampire and werewolf characters- some of them are sexy, but mostly a very sharp commentary on the werewolf/vampire stereotypes.

In my biased opinion, werewolves win, paws down. 1.) Part- time human, entirely alive in the biological sense. 2.)No photophobia, religious icon or hydrophobic tendencies 3.) More dinner options. 4.) Cuddly.

Also…. furries and werewolves…. completely different.

10 07 2008

Reading the title of your post my initial reaction was “Uh, vampires, DUH.” That whole neck biting thing? Oh yes. In a million ways, oh yes.
Two reading things for you: One: Blood and Chocolate. It does bring out the sexy of werewolves. (It is a crappy teen candy book.) That and the new trilogy by Stephanie Myers, the first of which is…uhhh…Twilight? Yeah. Twilight, followed by New Moon, followed by Eclipse. Twilight was alright, but not nearly good enough for the ensuing series. Anyway, it deals with a vampire v. werewolf thing, though the vampire is a main character. Interesting point of interest, the werewolf’s name is Jacob. That made me chuckle when I read it. And yeah, Jacob is heaps cooler than Edward (the vampire). Loyal to his family and all that and protective and just a really sweet sorta guy. It’s cute.
But yeah, I’m able to understand how werewolves can be sexy. Growling definitely is yummy, and let’s face it, they do have fangs and could probably be persuaded to do some neck munching. Both of ’em have a problem with blood, which sucks (though if we’re gonna get graphic, that could make for a good deal when one is having a woman week and he’s having an oral fixation…) The power and muscles do kind of win over the uh…not as physicalness of vampires. Plus, the folk legend stuff of werewolves is kinda cool. Both certainly have their downsides: vampires tend to get distracted by counting things and werewolves are fuzzy. I guess some people like the fuzzy, but in my head that just means picking hair out of your teeth for a while. A movie was made out of Blood and Chocolate, and the scenes where they transform are definitely worth watching ‘cuz they’re pretty and sleek and strong and can run through the woods really fast and agile-like.
Right now there’s that dark, mysterious, sexy man in the corner sorta thing for vampires and I’m starting to think there could be this really great brooding, passionate bad boy artist thing for werewolves that has yet to be tapped.
A google search for sexy werewolves has come up with a few gems. The first is an upcoming movie “Jack and Diane.” In a sentence, it’s about teen lesbian werewolves. Also, don’t forget ‘Werewolf Women of the S.S.” You might remember it from the fake trailer in Grindhouse.
Yep. So on this topic, I think the jury’s out. Depends on what you’re in the mood for.

11 07 2008

Sexy but multidimensional werewolves, including sexy female werewolf, in Kelley Armstrong’s books:


Vampires (along with witches, sorcerers, necromancers, shamans, etc.) are minor characters, with the major vampire character not being particularly sympathetic.

21 07 2008

i think u should make a story about a vampire and a werewolf falling in love i know that would be a great story because im in love with a vampire and im a werewolf

16 08 2008


27 12 2008

yo loved your stuff on this
i really needed the info for one of my books
basically about werewolves and tht kind of stuff
any way werewolves easilly win in the sexiness style, i mean come on
a werewolf? 1 could wup a vampire in a fight no problem.
2 vicious
3 ultra healthy and strong

if u wnt a good movie about the awesomeness of Splices(thts wot i call werewolves in my books) just look out for the new movie in january 2009
Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans
and i agree with both Alice and Susan

With terry pratchett uve gt angua n a load of other werewolves
with Kelly Armstrong
uve gt Ellena

there both brilliant

28 01 2009

okay, i think that werewolves are by far sexier than vampires. Just think about it, and this is for the guys: imagine a horny female werewolf that is over eight feet tall, aren’t always barring teeth, have a little muscle on them, covered in silky smooth fur, big tits, nice ass, a big bushy tail, lusty eyes that said “i am gonna rip your pants off and lick peanut butter off of you”, and a head that has a somewhat fox look to it. I guaranty you that if that came across you’re path that you’d jump on that and get busy, even if some of those qualities were missing.

4 11 2010
Cordless Screwdriver ·

i think that the fight scene of Rise Of The Lycans is not very great, it is just plain action ::

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