Ia Ia Cthulhu F’thagn!

2 05 2008

Tonight was Cthulhu night at Hampshire College (and everywhere, really.)

How Cthulhu night works: We meet in a lecture hall, eat snacks and watch a power point presentation older than my college experience about Cthulhu (Lovecraftian Elder God) and why we are attempting to raise him from his watery sleep (to consume the world in madness so that we don’t have to finish our final projects.)

Then we go forth and chalk the entire campus (or as much as possible) until we simply cannot stand up anymore. We chalk summoning circles and runes, likenesses of Cthulhu and generally write whatever we think might raise him from his State of Dreaming. Here’s to hoping!

Ia Ia Cthulhu F’thagn!



One response

17 05 2011

This year wasn’t quite as epic as other nights, but at least it didn’t rain!

For those of you who don’t know/remember, there is a curse/tradition that the chalk drawings of Elder Signs, signposts to Arkham and Innsmouth and all the rest are washed away quickly by rain that comes either on Cthulhu Night itself or very shortly afterward. This year defied the trend, and somehow, the rain stayed away for almost a week after the night itself.

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