Lindsay, Jacob, and Dan are three awesome dudes and ladies who need your money to fulfill their cross-country con-going dreams! The good news is, they are willing to offer an alarming array of services to elicit your donations.

We have many suggested services listed throughout this site, but we are always open to your ideas! If there is something you’d like us to do for money and we cannot carry it out it due to local laws or restrictions, religious mandates, socio-cultural taboos, or reasons of personal safety then we will compensate you for your donation by doing something that greatly amuses us, writing about it copiously and taking lots of pictures.

DISCLAIMER: Though we would love to rifle through your fat, jangly purses, we are not ransomers of fun! We will continue to update this site with lots of juicy content regardless of donations that we receive in order to satiate our own sadistic pleasure. Just try to stop us!


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