Have you ever considered the ramifications of an outdated naming convention for a space faring civilization?

17 08 2008

Hello blog, today I am introducing myself to you, so that we may better our relationship in the time ahead. Now, as this is an introduction, I will try to keep this brief and completely inane in substance.

While talking with a friend, the concept of “underground” came up. You know the kind, if your in Russia and part of some illegal group, you are part of the Russian underground. Well, the problem was that we were talking about space – someone was part of the Space Underground.

I’m sure you, being the intelligent and astute blog reader you are, can see the problem with this situation! Someone in space is suddenly underground, which is just silly. Sure, the sort of underground we are referring to does not literally require a ground, but lets be serious here for a moment. It just sounds silly.

This, my friends, is why I propose we come up with a new term for less then legal spacefaring communities. Just remember that a few good ones are already in use. We don’t want some private eye following up leads in the subspace. He could get hurt by some subspace traveling ship, or the extra mass of the transformers forming a pocket in the stuff. No, we want leads to be followed in a safe enviornment that has a memorable and sensible term attached to it.

Underspace sounds like your under garments had some extra room, and you are storing things in it – like the extra mass of a transformer. Underplace just sounds like unimaginative Gnomes were bored while naming locations. Darkspace? Illegalfunland? Legitimatebussinessventure? Even Black Market is silly when Space precedes it!

No, these just wont do!

In truth, dear reader, I have no idea how to solve this problem. I can only hope that the zombie apocalypse wipes us all out before such a time as to save us all the embarrassment of living in a space with a space underground.

Unless, of course, any of you have ideas.



4 responses

3 09 2008

Chris! I missed that you joined le blog! I am happy that you have!

Also, you are super old.

5 09 2008

what is a naming convention?

10 09 2008

Subspace? Void? The Darkness?

3 10 2008

Column A Column B
(Sub)(Hyper)(Empty)Space Mafia
Interstellar Underground
Interplanetary Cosa Nostra
(Pan)Galactic Gang
Extraplanetary Ring
Mix and match or use dice…

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