Rachel, resurficing, with grammar games!

14 10 2008

*claws her way back to the internet surface*

Hi, everyone!

So…I haven’t written anything.  For…an extremely long time.  I blame the fact that I was trying to become employed, and then, without warning, became employed.  It is kind of cool, though.  I have two new jobs!  By day, I am an English as a Second Language teacher, and by night, I am


Not really.  Actually, I’m a stage manager at a concert hall.  Both of my jobs are in NYC, which means a lot of commuting, but also means that when I get off work at 11pm, I can still go out for dinner, because things are still open.  (I don’t work until 11 every night, since my theater job is only part time, but it’s nice to leave work and walk through a nice busy city.)

Today in my English class, I taught the Present Perfect Continuous tense.  HERE IS A GAME FOR YOU!  Without looking up what it is on the internet, leave a comment with a sentence that uses that tense!  Winners will get a REAL LIFE PRIZE!

Hint: It is long.  (This hint comes from my students’ comments about having to write sentences using this tense.)

Anyway.  With luck, I will be updating often now, with various comments about English, teaching, and random famous musicians I meet.  (I met Tom Jones!  Not the Vegas singer, but the man who wrote the famous Broadway show ‘The Fantasticks!’)




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