If you like our work and want to see us at Denvention or your local con, please consider donating!


We were asked to put up a goal. To give you an idea of how expensive Worldcon is, here are some figures:

  • Membership = $200 * 3 people = $600
  • Lodging = $150+/night * 4 nights = $600
  • WorldCon lasts 5 days

For three people staying four nights, the cost of convention and room alone is over $1200.

Full time college students like us work ten, maybe fifteen hours a week for $8/hour work-study jobs. Work-study is supposed to go back into our tuition.

How to donate:

We are working on integrating the donations with this site, but for now, please go to Paypal and click on “Send Money” in the header. In the “To” box enter: watermosaic (at) gmail (dot) com. Fill in the amount you’d like to donate and your information in the other two boxes. You will then be taken to another page to confirm your donation.

Please remember that if you send money by credit or debit card, Paypal takes $0.30 flat and then $.03 on every dollar. If we get five credit card transfers in one year, we’ll have to switch to plan in which they take that off the top of every transaction. This is not a disincentive for you to donate—if we start paying the transaction fees, it is probably a good thing, because it means people are supporting us.


We are now taking requests for commissions! We are open to doing almost anything that can be transmitted for free in digital format. Some of the kinds of things we’ll do as commissions are:

  • artwork (including short comics)
  • short fiction (including smut, if you are over 18!)
  • tattoo designs
  • ridiculous RPG character names or story hooks
  • well thought out and well-researched RPG names or story hooks
  • answers to life’s deep, abiding philosophical questions
  • most other things you can think of!

Kinds of things we will not do as commissions:

  • things that are illegal
  • things that will endanger us and/or others

All commissions are on a free-will self-determined donation system. Pay whatever you feel is appropriate for what you are requesting. Donate at your convenience: before or after you receive your commission, or not at all. Honest!

All finished commissions will be pimped on our blog, unless you specifically request otherwise.

How to request a commission:

Comment below with your e-mail (all comments will be screened) and a description of what you’d like. Make it as wacky or as mundane as you want. Let your imagination run wild!

Even if you don’t have a very firm idea of what you want, we can communicate with you via e-mail and plan something exciting together. The sky is the limit.

Special thanks to donators:

Cory Doctorow
Elaine Brennan

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