Helpful Hints When One is Attempting to Start a New Club at College…

14 09 2008

This semester I have added to Hampshire’s long list of student groups: The Hampshire College Space Program. I’m quite excited for the club to start meeting (I attracted members by asking “Do you want to go into space?” so everyone in the group answered yes to that question… really I think that about sums up my expectations.) Additionally exciting is the fact that every single Hampshire College Signer sweatshirt will have “The Hampshire College Space Program” on it. As a college we officially have a Space Program! I wish I knew how to bounce up and down in excitement via the internets.

I did learn a little bit from the process of creating this group which I feel the need to share with everyone.

One Major Thing I Could Have Done Differently

(which ultimately would have made my life much easier)

Approximate answers from the official student group recognition form submitted to the college last spring.

Group Name: The Hampshire College Space Program

Group Mission Statement: We love space. We love learning about space. We want to bring a love of space to the community at large. We want to go into space.

Things you want to accomplish: Building a rocket and going into space.

Now, I thought this was all very amusing seeing as how new student groups are given no more than $300 (and the chance of receiving that much funding is fairly slim.) But I guess Hampshire College was not amused. They demanded Safety Write-ups, Faculty/Staff advisers, Waivers for every club member and basic bureaucratic nonsense because I believe that they actually believe we might be attempting space exploration on a budget of less than $300 dollars.

Well shoot – I guess if we have to jump through all these safety hoops we might as well do it! Does anyone know where I can buy a whole lot of rocket fuel? (And I do not mean the drink that is traditionally made at Arisia.)