Starting your own business

8 02 2010

If things from me seem sporadic lately, it’s because I’m in the process of starting my own business as an artist blacksmith. I may have mentioned that I’m involved with blacksmithing, but lately I have decided to make the step into supporting myself with it. This is really exciting and also terrifying because previously, I wasn’t making any money with it at all. I’ve basically decided to bootstrap myself a business.

I’m lucky, the people I live with are letting me pay low rent; my parents are supportive, emotionally; and there’s another blacksmith in the area who is essentially a mentor. Over the next few months, and hey, maybe even years, I’ll try to write my thoughts on the process of building this business. I’ll be making decisions based on who I am and what I want to do, and I’ll tell you why I made them and if they work or not. Hopefully you will be able to learn something from my successes and failures, and in future endeavors it will help you!

I have a website, and I take commissions.



Link #5 — On art as a career choice

10 12 2008

My dad sent a really interesting article on art and making money from the New York Times, Transforming Art Into a More Lucrative Career Choice:

Some artists have begun to figure out ways to make money and make art — aiming to end the notion that “starving” and “artist” are necessarily linked.

Rather than seeing art as something to pursue in the hours when they are not earning a living, these artists are developing businesses around their talents. These artists are part of a growing movement that has caught the attention of business experts and is being nudged along by both art and business schools.

It’s an interesting article and thought provoking article. When you look at the world through the lense of promoting your skills in engaging and creative ways, there are a lot of possibilities that show up.

I’m interested in what you do with your art. What is your art — writing, drawing, painting, fabric, sculpture, music, circus, cooking? Do you promote it as a business, or is it a hobby? How do you incorporate it into your life — do you share it with friends, do you practice it in the company of others or by yourself?