24 02 2010

A tree branch sheared off a tree and fell on our house last night! It shook the whole building and woke a bunch of us up.

Then the power went out! It was epic. Intermittently epic until seven when the power really went out, and I don’t think it’s back. A cellphone tower might be out of commission because my reception keeps fading in and out.

They opened Hampshire for some silly reason. It’s good because I can get work done, even though I would rather curl up in bed or go to the diner for hot chocolate.


Adventure-a-Day: Maple Sugaring

31 03 2008

It is nearing the end of Maple Sugar season, and hopefully all of you will have delicious (real) maple syrup on your tables to go along with your pancakes and waffles, and all sorts of other treats. One of my Adventure-a-Day adventures was helping the farm here at Hampshire with their annual Maple Sugaring… come take a look at how tree sap becomes maple syrup! Read the rest of this entry »