Body Art Gallery

Welcome to my Gallery of Magnificent Body Art.

This page is currently under a whole lot of construction. I am having some serious difficulties with my pictures, and I promise the layout will be better soon, so please check back often for more!



Body Paint:

Partial Torso:


Body Paint - Partial Torso



Body Paint - Legs



Body Paint - Back




Chest Body Paint





As I sort out this page, do you have any suggestions?

Help me out by suggesting the layout you’d like to see!

Big pictures? Little pictures? Descriptions with links to the actual pictures?

Would it be preferable if I sorted pictures by:

body part




another way entirely…?

Advice would be most appreciated.


3 responses

9 06 2008

Bird-like wings on Shoulder blades and wrapping around
Fairy wings, same place, figure out what the difference is
fine line mastery, hands/arms, maybe celtic designs?

Just a few thoughts!

25 07 2008

I have some pictures of painting on me that you’ve done, if you want ’em.

25 07 2008

Oh, and a good layout might be a thumbnail witha link so people can go see the bigger one.

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