Not Your Ordinary Tree Climbing

Hampshire College has a spectacular forest spread for a backyard.

Hampshire’s Backyard Forest Spread.

Exploring this forest is a large and exciting part of my Ecology class. Massachusetts winter birds have been a focal point for most of the class thus far, and what better way to study birds then to hang out in their natural habit? Enter a tree and a ladder.

Tree and Ladder.

Three ladders later, the tree seems quite tall. We use helmets, harnesses and ropes, just to be extra safe in our climb.

Three Ladders Up.

And when I reach the top… lo and behold! The tree is quite tall! (That’s a small crowd of people way down there on the ground!)

Tall Tree!

And what is it that I am standing on, you ask? A platform made up of planks of wood that are placed just far enough away from each other to be a little unsettling.


Located just beneath the platform, leading to yet another platform is a fantastic walkway.


From this walkway I am able to see, not winter birds but… people!

People on the Ground

And that was my Not Your Ordinary Tree Climbing experience. Next time we might even see some birds…


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