The Faerie Project

The Faerie Project


The Faerie Project is the umbrella under which most of what I do is sheltered. It is my way of making art, living art and pursuing art in as many different ways as possible. Let me show you how I am making my world a more magical place!


I am attempting to update one adventure a day. These adventures did not necessarily occur on the day in which they are posted, but the hope is that, eventually, I will have and post an Adventure every day. Here’s to hoping! Complete with stories and pictures.

Body Art Gallery

A place where Lindsay can post all the pictures she has of body art that she’s done. Currently all of the pieces in this gallery were designed and painted by Lindsay, though there are a couple different “models” (victims?) .

** Please know that the gallery was most likely prematurely launched, Lindsay was too excited to wait until it looked better, and is therefore in a terrible state of construction. So if you absolutely hate the page – please come back when it looks better! (And feel free to suggest better ways of organizing it.)

Candles and Soaps

Lindsay currently has a decent amount of bacon grease and directions on how to make soap… wish her luck! (She will post her experiences/recipes/pictures when she finishes!)

Tea Parties


Street Performing

Random Acts of Beauty and Love

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