Dream Journal

Some people love to hear about other people’s dreams. Others would really prefer not to hear about them. This is most likely not the place to be if you are in the latter group.

I have recored my dreams in journals sporadically throughout my life, always to find myself quiting about a week or two into the journal. The reason? It takes too much time and effort to write them down. I generally have long, epic, cinematic story-dreams that I remember with near perfection down to the smallest of details. I still write dreams down if they are particularly amazing in some capacity.

So here it is! I have decided to compile the most complete dreams for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.


My dreams are very nearly always what one might consider to be a “nightmare”. Blood, death, torture and other such things frequent my subconscious. I am not going to obsessively detail such things (my dreams are generally far more graphic than I actually write out), but be aware that pain and death are often the themes. Also, these are not the “raw forms” of the dreams, I have edited them to better preserve the stories by removing unnecessary details. If you would really like to see them in their unedited form, let me know. Additionally, though edited they are still stream of conscious – not edited stories. Some may be in the process of becoming stories, but right now they are just dreams.


A two part dream in which I am first the heroine by becoming a killer and then second I am the killer because I was first a victim.

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25 02 2008
A Compilation of Dreams « Conventioneers!

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