Random Drawings

Sleeping Dragons is a doodle I made while fooling around with the WACOM draw-on monitor at the computer lab at school

Photoshop CS3 apparently has a brush shaped like butterflies. I like the wavy-feeling of drawing hair, and butterflies seemed appropriate. It reminds me of my sister’s hair.


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7 05 2008
Adrian Curtin

I really like what you did with the butterfly brush
do you have a higher res version that i could make into a poster for my room?
or I could just trace it with my wacom tablet lol

7 05 2008

Adrian, I did it with no future plans for it, so I unfortunately don’t have a high res version at the moment. I could work to make it higher res… can’t it be done without recreating the picture, but just messing around with dpi and image size settings?

What do you think?

8 05 2008
Adrian Curtin

Yes it could… but when you do posters and prints, 640×480 can only get so clear. I like my prints at ridiculous dpis so i ended up scaling it up quite abit
this is my trace of it

The normal one is something like 9000x 8000
but i have this scaled down so i can host it (i only get about 5 mbs of space)

I was just curious if you had a highres on hand cause i still like the original better than my attempt

posters need are usually 32×24 and normal dpi is 72 for web images, 300 for print. that means that 2300×1700 for normal print, and detail is about 3 times that.

But i’ll just use mine for now, Its pretty much the same thing anyways except my butterflies don’t flow as well :P

17 12 2008

Hi Jacob,
I was wondering if I could use your butterfly hair for a t-shirt for a band?

Please let me know if it is ok.


18 12 2008

You can definitely use it as a design for a band t-shirt… just send me one of the t-shirts and some of their music!
e-mail me at jlefton@gmail.com.

18 07 2010

this is absolutely beautiful~ i may use this as a template for a tattoo design. Thank you!

8 11 2010

i think it’s beautiful and powerful

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