Lindsay the Scientist (Thoughts from the Lunar Planetary Science Conference)

8 03 2010

Sun kissed and flooded with vast amounts of knowledge, I am back at Hampshire College after a week long stint at the Lunar Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas. While at the conference I presented this poster of my current gully research during the Thursday evening poster session

After listening to, talking with, and presenting for over a thousand planetary scientists from all over the world  I realized just how awesome this field really is. The topics of discussion ranged from meteorites to Saturn’s moons, to craters and water on the Moon to Mars atmosphere, geomorphology and MSL landing site analysis with many, many more topics in between. NASA presented, astronauts took notes and everyone involved in planetary science from China, Japan, Russia, India, Europe and the United States drank free beer and socialized while talking about the future of our space faring species.

Make no mistake, I will definitely continue to be a part of planetary science and perhaps decide to acquire some higher degrees in this pretty sweet field of study.



24 02 2010

A tree branch sheared off a tree and fell on our house last night! It shook the whole building and woke a bunch of us up.

Then the power went out! It was epic. Intermittently epic until seven when the power really went out, and I don’t think it’s back. A cellphone tower might be out of commission because my reception keeps fading in and out.

They opened Hampshire for some silly reason. It’s good because I can get work done, even though I would rather curl up in bed or go to the diner for hot chocolate.

22 02 2010

This week I worked for a day camp, which was great. It was a welcome change from blacksmithing, but one week of high-energy kids was enough for mid-winter. I would definitely do it again though, schedule permitting!

Yesterday, my friend Dave and I went to Worcester and dug through his grandfather’s junkyard. We left with probably 100 lbs. of rusty steel of various qualities. Probably some good will come of it :)

Here’s a taste of what I’ve been working on in the forge. This will be a door knocker:

Dream Journal

30 01 2010

We sat on a bench in some Middle America city on a cold autumn day after the rain. If you mixed Boulder, Colarado with Boston, Massachusetts and threw in a dash of St. Louis for flavor, you would be there. The colors were heavily saturated. A dark grey stone cathedral loomed behind us, its bold decor strangely archaic in the modern city. The square of red brick stretched out in front, approaching a mountain range of glass and steel and concrete buildings. At the intersection of two streets, an arrow pointing straight at us, cars and people jostled for position, each individual oblivious to the other.

I lamented the fact that there were no more street cars, how once upon a time there had been one running through this very square. Its shiny rails followed the old roads, kink for kink. I think someone wrote a play about it once.

Maybe they would spend some of the $8 billion to renew local rail infrastructure.

A man standing in front of us said, “Do you believe in a higher power?”

He wore a brown trenchcoat and a matching wide brimmed hat. His sharp, close cropped white beard enhanced his imposing aura. There was a moment of silence. What do you do when that happens? I guess we were in the mood to humor the man, because someone piped up, “Sure!”

“In my own way,” said someone else.

Dreamlike banter almost passed between my friends and him. I stood from the bench to get away. At that moment, his weathered face cracked into a big grin and he laughed. He pointed over his shoulder to his friend, matching save for no beard and a thick neck. “We were just joking. Out on the town for a little fun.”

“That’s right,” said the other man, smiling broadly. They held note cards in their gloved hands and conversed briefly about who to harass next, and then I woke up.

Character Studies

28 01 2010

There are some nifty character studies up on my art blog, for a new comics project I’m writing with my brother, Jon.

Here’s a preview:
Paul inked.

Lindsay’s Six Step Plan for Evenings Out

5 02 2009

Step One: Get lost on the U bahn/S bahn crazy.

Step Two: Get found by attractive boys who do not speak English, but manage to point me in the right direction.

Step Three: Arrive somewhere hoping it is the right place to meet up with people

Step Four: See people I recognize.. How did that work!? This city is huge.

Step Five: We troop towards some known destination to everyone but me. I proceed to not pay attention to where we are going, thus ensuring that I will get lost when I try to find my way back.

Step Six: Arrive. Everyone orders food and alcohol. I try to convince the waitstaff to give me free water… it usually does not work and I wind up with some crazy fruit juice. I order the cheapest thing on the menu. I have no idea what I order.

My conversation goes like this:
“I will have this…” (ok! I ordered in German, this is good.)

“Blah blah blah mit blah oder blah blah mit this other thing you dont know…?” (Oh man, they are speaking so fast I have no idea what’s going on.)

“I really don’t care, anything!”

“You have to care.”

“Ok then yes.”

And then it is always delicious.

art preview

17 10 2008

Here’s a preview of the next big art project coming down the road. (Sorry for the quality of the image — my computer and photoshop are refusing to cooperate)