Lindsay is excited by those of you reading this!

21 01 2010

I am happily surprised by how much traffic this blog still gets after such neglect!

Well, I have some fantastic news for those who might read these words… two of us Conventioneers sold artwork at Arisia this past weekend! We also participated in a Circus and Starcraft panel and threw our own Never Ever Land Party to rave reviews. Slowly (or not so slowly at all) we are becoming an integrated part of science fiction conventions and I for one hope to continue this trend. So you all best watch out for us and our growing group of talented, passionate and lovely friends.

Keep an eye out, Jacob weaves his metal to form a dance of steel that is truly an inspiration to behold.  His coffee table (which is still on the market) is simple, elegant and very beautiful. Bother him for photos of all his work if you have yet to see any.

Dan is working in Portland, Oregon on comics, or so I gather.

And I am busy juggling circus, science and art in some pretty exceptional ways if I do say so myself. I am keeping tabs on my work at a different more me-centric blog so as not to fill the space here with all of my Division III final year of college business, but stop by and take a look at some of the things I am working on.

And speaking of Circus, another circus tour is cycling toward launch! Downside Up circus is putting together a show for this summer in Washington by bicycle! We performed at First Night in Boston and will continue to perform in the arae this semester and blog from the West Coast this summer as well, so Check Us Out!

Exciting things are happening all over the place! Including my first World Con this summer in Montreal! (For those of you following from way back when, this was the reason we started this blog in the first place.) And now I’m hooked on World Cons. Reno 2011 for sure. Hit me up for more details and mayhaps we can host an amazing Worldcon Par-tay together. And I’ll make sure to write up my adventures from Anticipation (Montreal) for you all to read at your leisure.

Be well.

– Lindsay




6 responses

21 01 2010

Now that you’re hooked on Worldcon, hope you’re considering coming to Melbourne, Australia, for this year’s convention, Aussiecon 4, Sept 2-6! (

25 01 2010

Oh man, that’s so. far. away. I wish I could but I doubt I’m going to have money for it considering I’m trying to start my own business as a blacksmith — not a get-rich-quick scheme, that’s for sure.

Maaaybe Reno in 2011.

26 01 2010
An Interesting Article and an Interesting Photo Gallery « Conventioneers!

[…] relations over at the Boston Phoenix. The girl with the balloon over her head is my sister. Lindsay mentioned Arisia a few days ago. It’s the largest New England region science fiction convention, and […]

26 01 2010

Sweet! Be sure to follow Reno 2011 on Twitter. I think that they are They post some fun articles all the time.

26 01 2010

That sounds pretty cool.

There’s a joke going around that I’m going to be running a convention someday in the not-too-distant future, and at Arisia this year, my sister and I threw a hoax bid party…

26 01 2010
Art Blogging « Conventioneers!

[…] 26 01 2010 In Lindsay’s recent post, she mentioned that, from what she gathered, I was in Portland, Oregon hard at work on comics. This […]

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