Nostalgic for Hampshire….

7 02 2009

I smelled pot for the first time since leaving Hampshire the other evening. I am very used to cigarette smoke at this point, but when I walked into the stairwell of my apartment I paused and wondered why I was suddenly reminded of school… and then I realized it is because of the cloud of pot smoke! I am on the sixth floor, so walking up the stairs smelling poit was very nostalgic. It was exactly like I was doing rounds in Merrill A again.

Oh Merrill A.




2 responses

7 02 2009
Ram Venkatararam

You should visit my convenience store. I am told that it has an unusual blend of smells: pot, wet dog, urine, coffee and body odour. I’ve been writing to the manufacturers of expensive perfumes but no interest so far. I think it could be a winner.

10% off rolling papers at my store in appreciation of your post

7 02 2009

Did you inhale…?

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