Lindsay’s Six Step Plan for Evenings Out

5 02 2009

Step One: Get lost on the U bahn/S bahn crazy.

Step Two: Get found by attractive boys who do not speak English, but manage to point me in the right direction.

Step Three: Arrive somewhere hoping it is the right place to meet up with people

Step Four: See people I recognize.. How did that work!? This city is huge.

Step Five: We troop towards some known destination to everyone but me. I proceed to not pay attention to where we are going, thus ensuring that I will get lost when I try to find my way back.

Step Six: Arrive. Everyone orders food and alcohol. I try to convince the waitstaff to give me free water… it usually does not work and I wind up with some crazy fruit juice. I order the cheapest thing on the menu. I have no idea what I order.

My conversation goes like this:
“I will have this…” (ok! I ordered in German, this is good.)

“Blah blah blah mit blah oder blah blah mit this other thing you dont know…?” (Oh man, they are speaking so fast I have no idea what’s going on.)

“I really don’t care, anything!”

“You have to care.”

“Ok then yes.”

And then it is always delicious.




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