some writing

18 12 2008

So I have neglected to find more links or make other posts because I am in the process of writing stories. Somehow I got into my head that I could be a speculative fiction writer instead of just a fan. I’ve been writing a lot in and around my work schedule.

I went through documents that accrued over four years of school and found a decent stash of story gems, so I took one of them and started running with it. I’ve written about 6k words since last week, and I think I have the basic frameworks of the story in place. It’s nice to see that. The hard part now is going through and making sure the continuity makes sense and the story says what I want it to say without second-guessing my choice of language or general skill as a writer (and then going on and messing up the story with over-editing or giving up completely). I’d say I’m 2/3rds done. It’s a short story.

After I finish it, I’m going to ship it off to a few people to read. If they don’t say, “Augh, this is terrible,” or even if they do, I will try to incorporate some of their comments into the piece and then ship it off to various spec fic magazines. This is my plan, and is also why I have been and may continue to be lax in updating.




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