Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell

10 12 2008

I read a couple of webcomics regularly. I find that most try my patience a lot of the time and please me sometimes. Either they don’t update regularly or often, or when they do update, the plot doesn’t move.

Let me explain a little of my tastes. I read webcomics with plot, primarily. Those single shot humor ones are fine every now and then (except I needs my xkcd), but I don’t live for them. Comics like Girl Genius and Order of the Stick are great stories. Unfortunately in those particular comics, the plot comes and goes, and sometimes it devolves into stupid silliness.

However, there is one comic I read that has never done that, not ever. Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell is a comic about a girl named Antimony Carver who comes to a boarding school and has adventures. It’s far more awesome than Harry Potter. Antimony and her friends are way more interesting. I think I’ve talked about it before, but I want to reiterate how awesome it is.

Tom’s story started strong, and has remained so. It’s an episodic story. Each adventure is a chapter, each chapter is some twenty to thirty pages long. None have been boring, and even the slightly silly ones had substance and character development. It’s nothing like Girl Genius or Order of the Stick when they decide to be silly.

(The dialog over at Studio Foglio must have gone something like this:
“Gosh, our story is going pretty damn awesome. Look how gripping it is!”
“I know! And we have so many things to reveal and twists to plot.”
“But wait, our ACME Sillymeter is reading below 100%!”
“How can this be! Whatever can we do?”
“Eureka! Let’s strip them down to their underwear and have them dance in the streets with mops on their heads! Then we don’t have to make more plot until after Christmas.”
“Phil, you’re brilliant.”)

As much as I want you to read it for the story, I want you to read it for the art. The art has grown and changed a since the beginning. The mood and tone are the same, but Tom’s skill at portraying his characters has improved significantly. It started passable, and for quite a while was good enough. The current chapter of the story I would begin to describe as beautiful.

The best part is, it updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday without fail.

Start here.




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