Link #2 — Under a Cabbage Leaf (where stories come from)

30 11 2008

Under a Cabbage Leaf (where stories come from) is a little essay on Storytellers Unplugged by Elizabeth Bear, a speculative fiction writer I’ve reviewed previously.

It’s a bunch of generalized thoughts on building stories. I really enjoyed it and am saving it for later reference. I thought you might like to read it, because it’s kind of a great little look at the creative process in general.

So say you’re building a wall… er. Writing a novel. You might start with one big block and a couple of little ones, and have no real idea yet how they go together. So you fuss with them a bit, move them around, and figure out some of the ways they might fit. But then you need more pieces. Fragments, bigger stuff. Great big chunks you have to call a friend to help lift. You start putting them together and see how they fit, and when you’ve got them wedged and balanced just right–voila, you have a book. Or a wall. Whatever.

So where do you find all these bits?

Go read it! Let me know where it is similar to your creative process.




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