Happy National Novel Writing Month!

1 11 2008

November is National Novel Writing Month! I am celebrating by attempting to write a novel. We shall see how this works out. I have figured out that if I write roughly 6 pages a day (starting today, of course) then I will be able to complete the challenge. Wish me luck! I will try to keep you all up to date as far as my progress is going, and if I decide I’ve written things worth reading, I’ll share.

Are any of you out there attempting this brave feat?




4 responses

1 11 2008

Meeeeee, I am. NaNo name = swiftdust.

1 11 2008

There is a girl in my Latin class who obsesses over Novel Writing Month every year. She always sets that sort of “6 pages a day” goal, but I’m always like “Leah, why are you so tired?!” and she’s like “I wrote 30 pages all night.”
Don’t get carried away! It seems addictive!

2 11 2008

Good Luck Lindsay!

Some of the students here are participating in NaNoWriMo too, and I’m actually sponsoring the club that’s doing it. My kids are very excited and it’s good to know someone back at Hampshire is doing it too. Did you get an “I quit” letter and a button to help you along?

2 11 2008

i just wanted to let you know that i’m listening to Jaded Mandolin right now. And that i STILL WANT TO KNOW YOUR CIRCUS IDEAS!

and that writing a novel is an insane goal and also very admirable. I wish you well, you lunatic.

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