Robot Love

23 10 2008

My friend Lindsay Small is working on her kickass animation thesis and she has a question for you:

Do you think a robot can love? How do you feel about this concept? Would you ever take a robot as your lover/husband/boyfriend/crush/love interest? Have you ever felt this way towards a robot portrayed in media? (movies, books, comics, etc) If so/if not, why?

This is an essay contest. You’ll be graded and then the winner gets a robot lover. (I’ll have my boys out back work on it.)




3 responses

23 10 2008

Ha-ha-ha!! So funny! If I get to win my robot lover- make sure some of his places shouldn’t be that hard! You know what I mean.

23 10 2008

It’s me again. Just to make sure you understood me correctly.

I need his (or it’s) HANDS to be soft! He will hug me and cuddle.

23 10 2008

Awesome. Maybe, but probably not. I LOVE robots and technology; I find it quite fascinating. But as a boyfriend? Nah. I mean, as an Aibo fanatic, I love my robots, but…just not that way. Man, that didn’t make much sense…


I love my robots. But even though Artificial Intellingence causes people to think robots have emotions and personalities, I would not date a robot or whatever. More like just a friend. ;)

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