Top 10, Season 2 — Trying to be Alan Moore and failing

5 10 2008

I just read the first issue of “Top 10, Season 2.” How unfortunate.

Top 10 was an Alan Moore creation centering around a police department in a city populated by super-powered individuals. It ran for a short amount of time and was a whole lot of fun. I really recommend picking it up, even though it kind of ends in a cliff-hanger. It’ll remind you of Firefly, with this feeling of being over before its time.

Sadly, “Season 2” is really disappointing. They introduced a character whose main purpose was to act as an example from alternate reality of how police should act (i.e., wear a uniform and use standard armament). I think he is symbolic of the new writer who serves mainly to boring-ify the comic. The guy just doesn’t have a good handle on the world or the characters.

The art is disappointing too. Far from the crisp solid lines of an almost action-oriented (meta)superhero comic, the new style is stagnant, like out of focus still life or badly rotoscoped photos of people in poses.

I’m not happy when people take successful but short-lived ideas and try to squeeze more life and more importantly money out of them. Usually it’s like boiling the vegetables too long.




One response

6 10 2008

That’s too bad. I wish Moore could have kept at it at least another dozen or so issues. Paul Di Fillipo’s “Beyond the Farthest Precinct” — set five years later in the series — was really good. Many cool cyberpunk style inventions. It was pretty close to Moore’s spirit; Di Fillipo’s a great SF writer. I think the setup for the story, the world he created, was the most fun, but the story kind of raced through its resolution. But a worthy sequel.

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