Babyquakes and King Richard’s Faire.

22 09 2008

Today I half fell asleep during my Geology Lecture (I blame this entirely on King Richard’s Faire, which I will speak to in a moment) and had a dream about babyquakes. It’s like an earthquake, but in a baby. I’m not entirely sure what it would mean, but in my dream there was a scale for it and everything (feeling it while holding the baby, shaking the crib, etc.)

On Sunday I made the two hour trip to Carver, MA to spend a delightful day at King Richard’s Faire. A friend of mine works at one of the shops there, and subsequently had free tickets to give away. I saw “jousting” and a Liger (that thing is huge), ran around the shops, talked up pretty sword smith boys and aerial silks girls and saw a high school friend I haven’t seen in years! My father and youngest sister were able to meet up with me there, which was also a nice surprise.

All in all I had a lot of fun and I recommend the faire for anyone who is close enough to Carver, MA to consider it. Of course – having free tickets is a particularly nice way to enjoy it and those of you accustomed to SCA events might be horribly offended (I saw at least six Captain Jack Sparrows and one Link walking around.) But if you like laughing and running around in the woods with a commercialized “Medieval Faire” in the background – you’ll probably enjoy yourself just fine.




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