German Babble.

13 09 2008

Has anyone reading this attempted to learn a foreign language? How about learning a foreign language in a rapid and intense manner?

I’ve been learning German over the last week and I’ve been trying quite hard to say words over and over again to myself both out loud and in my head. The problem is, I have a poor grasp on the language at this point – and so I’ve been babbling any words I can remember to myself, and I have not bothered to attempt to make sense out of it. I just keep babbling German words.

This is all well and good until I try to fall asleep. Suddenly all those words I’ve been repeating all day in the back of my head turn from German words to vauge German sounds. Last night, for example, I fell asleep to a running stream of “auf, aus, eine, die, sta…” and so on. Just sounds, nothing that made the least bit of sense. I’m terribly excited of what might happen by the end of this semester and when I (hopefully) go to Germany next semester. Those babble sounds in the back of my head won’t just be sounds – they’ll be real sentences!

I will know I’ve succeeded when I begin to dream in German and it makes sense.

If anyone is interested, this is one amazing German music video by the emo-pop-punk-goth (I don’t even know what) band Tokio Hotel. I think the song (Ubers Ende der Welt) is sehr catchy, and I listen to it on repeat a lot.




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14 09 2008

Hah, well, the really annoying thing that happened to me a few times was I had dreams in French, except I couldn’t understand all of it. I could pick out pieces and vaguely understand the topic of conversation, but somehow my dream mind spoke French better than my awake mind. Go figure.

14 09 2008

Viel Glück! ^^

17 09 2008

Hmm, I wonder how similar this is to how babies feel when they are just learning to talk?

1 10 2008

I learned, but have now forgotten, how to say “don’t put your penis in a waffle iron” in German. There were two German boys on my Western Aus trip who had odd, yet wonderful senses of humour.

1 10 2008

Oh darn Victoria – the other day I really needed to say that in German class and think of how helpful you could have been if you’d taught me how to say it! You have no idea how often it comes up. But seriously – good job on making excellent German friends! I hope I meet some fun people in Berlin.

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