The Collision of the Galaxies.

12 09 2008

I have a fairly long list of times I would want to visit, were I to become a Time Traveler. One time I would most certainly want to check out is Earth, 3 billion years in the future. It is at this time that the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy will begin to collide. It will take approximately a billion more years for the galaxies to finally merge into one Milky Wandromeda.

There are some pretty cool simulations on Youtube – I’ve posted one of the shorter and less detailed simulations. (If I have been reading correctly, we do not have to worry about our solar system – we should remain largely unaffected.)

Where are some times you would go if you were a Time Traveler?




2 responses

12 09 2008

I watched a pretty amazing version of this at the Natural History Museum in NYC last March. Does the science museum in Boston have any sort of viewing of this prediction?

12 09 2008

Not that I know of, but someone should definitely suggest it to them if they don’t have it. I’ll try and find out for sure!

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