I Really Love My Job.

29 08 2008

I am a Residential Life Housing Intern (similar to an RA in other colleges) and I am “in charge” of 2 floors of a dorm building – B1 and B2. Each of these floors is split into a short hall and a long hall with stairs separating the two sides from each other, so in the end I have four separate areas. One of our jobs is to make name tags to hang on our new residents’ doors before they get to campus…. a creative license to hang whatever you want on every single student’s door – as long as it also includes their name. It is a spectacular opportunity that I love to exploit play with.

I personally enjoy creating themes for each individual hall. Last year I had the Kingdom of Air, The Kingdom of Fire, The Kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Water and pretended to be ruler of all the Kingdoms. This year I went through several ideas (D&D character sheets being my favorite that I did not wind up using) before finally settling on my current door tags.

B1 short: Pirates

B1 long: Ninjas

B2 short: Werewolves

B2 long: Vampires

My hope was that perhaps I would inspire the two sides of the floor to enter into battle (stealthily or otherwise) with each other. So far no fighting has broken out yet – but I am still hopeful. It’s only the first night after all.




2 responses

29 08 2008

I’m sure at this point they’re cloistered away planning their attack!

30 08 2008

I really hope so!

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