Tiny Hero Makes Big Claims

27 08 2008

LOS ANGELES — The well known super-hero GigaPixel filed an identity-theft lawsuit against the camera technology company Nikon this past Tuesday. The suit was filed within twenty-four hours of Nikon’s announcement of the Nikon GigaPix, a consumer-grade camera with a revolutionary gigapixel resolution.

“GigaPixel has a prior claim to high resolution technologies such as Nikon’s new camera. Furthermore, my client relies on name recognition to make his living, like most super-heros” said Attorney Harvey Birdman at a press conference on Wednesday. “We can demonstrate that my client will feel great financial strain.” Mr. Birdman is a lawyer well known for his work with super-heroes.

Mr. Pixel is looking to acquire the rights to the gigapixel technologies from Nikon. He is asking the court for an order halting the production and November release of the camera.

Edward Fasano, general manager for marketing, SLR Systems Products at Nikon Inc. responded in a phone statement, “Gigapixel is merely a technical term. No one can own it.” He added, “Batman never trademarked ‘bat’ or ‘man.’ Wolverine doesn’t go around suing zoos. I think we can safely call this case ludicrous.”

Mr. Fasano asserted that Nikon’s product would indeed hit the shelves by November.

According to researchers in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at New York University, the masked crime-fighter is made up of one billion microscopic copies of himself, which causes his blurry or ‘pixelated’ appearance.




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