A little link collection

11 08 2008

I’m closing tabs, and I’ve saved some of them for you:

The Hugo Awards — Remember when I put down my votes? Well, the winners have been chosen, and I wasn’t too far off. Next year, I promise more excitement!

Flash Fiction Online
— This really cool webzine is all about flash fiction — you know, stories that are under a thousand words. My favorite flash ever is often called “The Wig” by Brady Udall. It used to be online, but I believe somebody decided to take it down. In less than 500 words, Udall brings me nearer to tears than any other story I have ever read.

Red Family, Blue Family — Are you familiar with George Lakoff’s book Moral Politics? He discusses metaphor in political speech. Basically, he breaks American political speech into two distinct camps: there are those who believe in a Strict Father construction of the family, and those who believe in a Nurturing Parent model. “Red Family, Blue Family” is an interesting extension of that, creating models of the Inherited Obligation Family and the Negotiated Commitment Family. It’s a very interesting subject for me — maybe someday I will talk more about that.

Teens In Print — It doesn’t get any more awesome than newspapers written by teenagers. I want to work with them.

Building Luna: Two Girls Building a House On a Bus — These two girls in Oregon are building a house inside their bus, as the title suggests. They have full amenities, including a wood stove, composting toilet, and kitchen. It’s pretty awesome. If I had time and money and patience for a project like that, I’d do it. Maybe in a few years…




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