Signs that I’ve been on the Road too Long…

9 08 2008

I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately… and a lot of street sign reading! Leaving the states out of the picture would you rather…

1. live in Hazardville (Connecticut) or Buttzville (New Jersey)?

2. take a turn onto Hardscrabble Road (New York) or Bloody Basin Road (Arizona)?

Bonus question: Is the view always mediocre in Fairview?

Here are some more funny place names (and even more.) I’m sure you can think of one or two others… what is the craziest sign/place name you’ve ever seen or heard of?




4 responses

9 08 2008

I live off of Slaughter Lane. Which is near Convict Lane. Which makes me think there must be some interesting history in this part of Texas that I don’t know about.

9 08 2008

Oh my! That does sound, um, frightening. I definitely don’t think I’d feel very enthusiastic about going to a barbecue at your house if the directions said “Take Convict Lane to Slaughter Lane…” or something similar.

On an opposite note the best street directions I’ve found are in Plymouth, MA where you can take Silver Birch to Star Light Way.

9 08 2008

I saw a Mary Jane Ave that came off of High Road in some town southwest of Boston.

9 08 2008

These sites are missing Blanding, UT (I spent a week there one day; it’s aptly named) and Athol, MA, The Town With A Lisp.

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