Professor Science

2 08 2008

Our friend, Professor Science, just released a new song. It’s called “cc: Euglena Harriet Willoughby.”

Euglena my darling,
you know you’re my favorite
single celled organism

It’ll be up for download for a few days, and then he’s going to take it down and put up another one.

Also he says “the plant endomembrane research group at Oxford Brooks University recently used my song ‘Sweet Home Apparatus’ in a video presentation at the Society for Experimental Biology’s annual meetup,” and has a link to the video.

Professor Science is a peer-reviewed, double-blind, placebo-controlled auditory experience.




One response

2 08 2008

hi, kids! i wanted to check in on y’all, so i went looking for this blog, but rather than doing something sensible like searching for ‘conventioneers’ on the livejournal homesite, i googled ‘conventioneers’ instead.

and let me say, my opinion of The Barenaked Ladies has gone from ‘fun, if somewhat hit-or-miss’ to ‘fun, if somewhat hit-or-own goal’:

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