Anticipating Anticipation

31 07 2008

As some of you might already be aware – Denvention (world science fiction convention held this year in Denver, CO) is beginning soon. When Dan, Jacob and I started this blog way back in February, getting to Denvention was our original goal. We began posting our projects and our thoughts hoping to show the world we were awesome college students deserving of going to Worldcon. We had a “Donate” page and a couple wonderful, amazing people did actually support us! Unfortunately, going to Denvention is a lot of money – especially for us Massachusetts-dwelling individuals. There was a possibility of going there by Veggie-Oil powered School Bus to cut down on traveling costs (and to help the environment!) but the cost of the Convention itself is a lot for us college kids struggling with minimum wage jobs and trying to keep our Student Loans in mind (oh god… the terror…) and our bus, unfortunately, is in no shape for another road trip. It barely made it back from the first one!

So for those of you in the process of getting ready for Denvention, please do not fret when you do not see any of us there – we truly wish we could go, but it was simply not possible this year. I wish you all safe travels and a phenomenal Worldcon!

Falling short of our goal to go to Denvention is dispiriting, but I have found something just as exciting to anticipate! Jacob and I have already bought memberships for Anticipation! (Worldcon 2009 in Montreal, Quebec) So we will almost definitely be going to Worldcon next year. Additionally, though our blog was originally started with the intent to get us to Denvention, it continues to grow and change into something far more sustainable and wonderful and I hope you all will continue to come back and read our fantastic commentary on the world at large, in addition to keeping up with our latest projects! (Our current project is making a better blog format so you can all easily see our latest projects, heh.)

Look for me in Montreal, August 2009!




4 responses

31 07 2008

Well that really sucks but hey “Anticipation” is only a year away. I’d donate but like you I’m also a poor college student trying to survive in nyc nonetheless. Something tells me that in a month my internet activities will be severely curtailed.

31 07 2008

Totally understandable. And I am hugely excited for Anticipation. I figure – as long as I start planning now, only a catastrophic event could keep me from going next year! ^^ Are you planning to attend Anticipation?

31 07 2008

Define projects? Does this count a place to link to other stuffs we’re doing on the internet? I could be a fan…

1 08 2008

Oh yes! Definitely everyone should keep themselves posted – and Rachel, we should talk IRL soon! (That was a very out loud sort of “IRL”… not that I actually say IRL in IRL or anything.)

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