Ang Lee casting call part II

28 07 2008

Your chances of seeing Lindsay and me in an Ang Lee movie got even better this weekend. We went to that casting call I mentioned. They had us fill out questionnaire with some wonderful questions. Things like:

“Are you willing to grow out your facial hair/body hair starting now?”
“Are you comfortable being nude? Full or partial?”
“Do you own a dog?”
“Do you own a period car? (1960’s)”
“Do you play an instrument?”

After taking our pictures, we sit down with an actual interviewer. He asks if we are together, and I say, “Yes, but we don’t have to work together.”

“It’s easier if you do,” he says, “Because then I can keep your sheets together. That way if you get cast and then say, how about my friend Lindsay, I don’t say, ‘Uhh… who’s Lindsay?'”

He looks at us again and then asks, “Are you a couple or friends?”

“Yes,” said Lindsay.

“Good,” he says, “because Ang wants shots of couples kissing. Would you be willing to kiss?”

Lindsay and I look at each other. “Uh…,” I say. “Sure.”

“Great!” he says. He takes out a big red marker and writes ‘couples kissing’ on our sheets.

We go through our sheets a bit more. I point out that I’ve got production assistant experience. Lindsay points out she already doesn’t shave her body hair.

“You guys just keep getting better and better,” says the interviewer.

He was particularly impressed with our looks. He said Lindsay’s hair was ‘almost long enough.’ Then he practically offered me a job on crew. By the end of the interview, our sheets were written on in three different colors of marker.

So there you have it. Production starts sometime in August and goes until October. We don’t know if we’ll get a part, but the chances have definitely gotten much higher! Woo!

The moral of the story is: Show up to an extras casting call with a friend, and make it known that you’re willing to do anything with them.

Especially if it’s on camera.




5 responses

28 07 2008

!!! EXCITING EXCITING EXCITING! That’s brilliant! So so cool.

28 07 2008

Hahahah, that’s so excellent! I hope you guys show up in it somewhere! Yay!

28 07 2008

We’ll definitely tell you what happens! If we’re making out, we’ll probably get nominated for an Oscar or something. Watch for the sequel, Those Two Kids Making Out in that other less important movie.

29 07 2008

Hahahahhahahaha. I’m picturing a series of movies with titles like “Necking in the 80’s”, “Making out: a film noir”, “The Spy Who Snogged Me”, and the most recent blockbuster hit “The Kissing Kids”!

30 08 2008
danny bloom

Did you get the part? I am in Taiwan, ANG LEE’s home country, i am a reporter here, can i interview you? DANNY from Boston
Tufts 1971

danbloom AT gmail

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