Introducing…Rachel! But for real this time!

11 07 2008

Greetings, readers of Conventioneers!  My name is Rachel, and I’ll be one of your bloggers at this point in time.  I realize that Jacob introduced me when I technically joined the blog, but being as I have yet to post anything, I wanted to re-introduce myself…myself.  (Also, apologize to Jacob for the delay in postings.)

A few quick things about myself, in the odd event you happen to be interested:

— I am a recent graduate of Hampshire College seeking life, love, and employment in New York City.

— I studied linguistics and creative writing.

— I know all the words to Trapped in the Closet, parts 1-5.

As a pretty geeky individual, I’ve got a lot of interests that I’ll probably end up writing about.  The list includes, but it not limited to…Science Fiction / Fantasty books, Music  (Including analyzing pop songs), China, Food, and the Random Capitalization of Words.  I look forward to actually getting to the for realz posting, and am exceedingly excited to be a part of this fantastic blog!




2 responses

11 07 2008

Yay Rachel! I’m so excited!

13 07 2008

Congratulations on the 100th post! (*cheers*)

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