Evil Convention Running

10 07 2008

I’ve always been interested in running conventions, because I’ve attended them since I was born. Over the years, I’ve gotten the idea that con runners were part of some exclusive über-cult, and I finally have the proof!

From the Con Runner’s Wiki*

There is actually One True Way to organize your convention committee. Often times a convention will run completely wrong until someone figures this out. Don’t bother to tell anyone if you figure it out because probably you’ll just confuse them. Also, you’ll get asked annoying questions about silly details. You may want to think about splitting your convention committee into something called ‘departments.’ Departments are a crafty way to make suckers think they have a hand in things without actually allowing them to screw anything up.

A common way to split a science fiction convention into departments is like so:

People who have the answers
People who don’t

*Actual wiki may differ from what you see on this cereal box.




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