Who says Geeks can’t pay attention to sports…?

8 07 2008

I don’t care what you say about golf, I still consider my new ability to hit a golf ball over 100 yards as an achievement! Go me and my hitting small objects with thin sticks for increasingly longer distances!

Though I normally ignore most sports and sporting events, I have been paying attention to random sports things this past week, mostly the following:

Wimbledon (Men’s singles, Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles)
Tour de France
American Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Trails

And as a once and always swimmer, I feel it fitting to relate this piece of excitement: “Forty-one year-old Dara Torres (Los Angeles, Calif.) became the oldest U.S. swimmer to ever qualify for an Olympic Games, and the first swimmer to make five Olympics, after winning the 100m freestyle in a time of 53.78.” (read more)

I find it fantastic to hear of a 41 year old woman who qualified for the Olympics. Be as disinterested in sports/the Olympics/swimming as you want, but gosh! It’s pretty amazing at least for me to hear about how our bodies don’t have to stop being awesome after our early 20s! Go Dara Torres! (And I hope my body looks as good as hers when I’m 41.)




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