Batman Begins

6 07 2008

Visiting my friend and former house mate Chris. We graduated together in May and are both unemployed—go us! (Expect updates on the blog from him at some point. He’s the creator of the fish man mask.)

We enjoyed a white wine called La Caliera. If you like sweet wines, this one is almost like fizzy grape juice. Very nice, and a good price, recommended to me by the woman at a random liquor store on Route 9 west of Northampton, MA. Another word from a fellow over at The Wine Cask blog… what he said, too.

Chris and Lindsay also insisted we watch Batman Begins. I thought it was a good movie, a solid script, but definitely problematic:

I’m not an executioner.
*blows everything up*

big-bad-villain: I’m going to use this super-microwave-emitter-weapon to fry all the water in the city to release “fear gas”!
Batman: Oh no, the superweapon is headed for the center of town!
Everybody Else: How are we not dead yet?

Also also,
first-villain: I’m so Asian!


Actually, let me revise my opinion. It was really just a silly movie. But so much better than all of the other Batman movies that exist!




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