Dear Police Cars,

4 07 2008

It makes me seriously uncomfortable the way you (police cars) will do 80 mph or more down the left lane of a highway, come up very, very close to the car in front of you and flash your high beams impatiently until the other car moves over. This all without sirens or anything. Do you seriously have important places to be – or are you just doing it because you can?

If you really do have important places to be (and yet not siren-worthy) then perhaps we can arrange a better method for you to encourage cars to move over without being so intimidating? Being nose to bumper with the car in front of you just makes you look like a jerk – especially when there is an impenetrable line of traffic in the right lane that the car you are intimidating (just your presence is intimidating, understand) is desperately trying to switch over to safely.

It is hard to concentrate on safe driving when there is a police car flashing its high beams inches away from your bumper. I’m just saying.




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8 07 2008

On the Mass Pike, I think they’re travelling quickly like that because it allows them to cover more ground in less time, thus allowing the Pike Authority to patrol the highway at higher frequency for the amount of money they’re spending.

8 07 2008

I suppose that’s a good thing then… It’s definitely intimidating to watch them do it though. They’re kind of like sharks.

9 07 2008

I just don’t think it gives them an excuse to be unsafe drivers, and I would certainly consider the driving I’ve seen in a fair amount of instances to be quite unsafe.

9 11 2008

Lights an sirens cause accidents. This is because many don’t know hpw to react to it and they panick and cause further accidents. easier to avoid this by using ur lights/siren less and only in really sticky jams when responding to calls while traffick is heavy. I hate when people complain. If that was you wife Father , friend/lover we were driving to, you’d want us in jets.

28 11 2008
Avidan The Sane

You live in mass too?
awesome. the cops in rhode island (where my mother works) are real asses. and i won’t clean my language. i’m being nice as it is. my mom is almost 50, and her car has been tailgated by cops 7 times, side rammed twice, and stopped and searched while she was taking her african friend to work while his car was in the shop. i hate them.

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