Why Being an Adult is Frustrating (Tonight)

30 06 2008

This may sound a bit silly… but the most frustrating thing about being an adult for me right now is a lack of gymnastics classes for anyone over the age of 16. It is as though only children could possibly be interested in gymnastics. There are plenty of classes for babies (yes, babies) under the age of 1, and absolutely no classes for those of us 19 years older than 1. Perhaps if I had done gymnastics all my life – I could find a teaching position or a gym that would be able to find something for me to do, but as it stands I may have to wait until I go back to school to continue my tumbling education. And the class I take at school is only available because of the hard, persistent work of two wonderful adults Matt and Gabe who decided they wanted to take gymnastics after they graduated college. They searched the Pioneer Valley and the surrounding area far and wide for an adult gymnastics class or even a simple open gym and it is thanks to them that, as long as we have at least four people in attendance, we are able to continue an adult class at Hampshire Gymnastics (no connection to Hampshire College.)

Why is it that we cater so endlessly to our babies with classes in this and that and everything else so much so that we forget that we, as adults, can also have fun with these sorts of things? More gymnastics for all, I say!

In any event, I have not quite exhausted my Boston area list of Gyms and tomorrow I will continue to pester all the gymnastics centers I can until I turn up an adult class or am allowed to begin one of my own. If anyone out there knows of any – please let me know!




One response

1 07 2008

Ugh, and how. I’ve been trying to find places in Melbourne to play. Fortunately, I may have access to Parkour classes! Not tricking, but hey, I’d like to get some formal lessons on the basics.

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