Job Hunting: More Surreal than a Circus Tour.

27 06 2008

After living on a school bus for five weeks with 11 other people while touring across the country doing circus, being in a house and attempting to find a job in a nice suburban town is sparking the strangest feelings. I’m already bored and heavy and ready to get on with my next adventure. (Though that’s just my mind, my body is currently still in recovery.) Being on the road where there were constant challenges, a physical destination and goal every day felt natural and satisfying… being stationary at home is strange. Looking for a “real job” is even more so. Why can’t I keep playing and performing for money?

5 Positive Things about Being Home:

1. Family
2. Pets (my cat is old and I want to spend time with her this summer…)
3. Listening to any music I want without being Judged
4. Proper meals
5. Making money without spending it on rent immediately

5 Negative Things about Being Home:

1. No adult gymnastics classes
2. Adult/Child boundary blurred more than I’d like
3. Family drama
4. Harder to overcome laziness
5. Video games, TV, movies more prevalent




4 responses

27 06 2008

welcome home, Lindsay:)

27 06 2008

That circus tour sounds fun. If only you could keep doing that!
Well, if you need any help finding available jobs, I have a lot of info for job-seekers on my blogs. So you are welcome to swing on by!

27 06 2008

oh man, I’m totally feeling you on all of both positive and negative things… miss you! miss circus! miss manfred! hopefully I’ll see you later this summer. I’ll be back in amherst july 10th.

30 06 2008

Thanks Bobbie!

Segan – I would love to continue doing circus for my life’s work, and I am currently attempting to find a way to do so. I am afraid, however, that I may have to face the current situation honestly and realize that the only way I’m going to make money this summer is to have a “real job” on top of doing circus. Hopefully I will be wrong and circus will somehow be able to pay my way!

Molly – Definitely let me know when you are back in Amherst! I would love to come see you and do more circus things!

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