Book Reviews and I’m Almost Home

25 06 2008

I’m going to start reading the next Hugo contender on my list, The Last Colony by John Scalzi. Chabon’s book was first because I actually had it, and Scalzi is second because I’ve read other works of his, and I’m excited about this one.

I want feedback on my book reviews. I’m inclined to brevity. I want to let you know what kind of read it’s going to be—whether it’s deep and thought provoking or candy, or in-between. I don’t want to summarize, or tell you much about the characters or the actual plot though, because I think those parts are the joy of reading. I definitely don’t want to say much at all about the ending.

What do you want to see when you come to read my reviews?

Travel Update
We’ve stopped briefly in the NYC area so a sick member of our troupe can get checked out by a hospital. As soon as he’s fit to travel, we should be on our way to Boston—home.




One response

27 06 2008

I would like to see in your book reviews specific recommendations. Maybe to read in a certain setting or background, with or without certain people around, in your head or out loud! Also, maybe even mention a type who would not like to read a book.

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