8 Tips on How to Survive as a Starving Artist:

17 06 2008

1. Canned Turkey and Canned Corn can taste like a Thanksgiving Dinner if you close your eyes tight enough.

2. Getting free food is easier if you have a little bargaining money… (“I would love that $5.00 food plus that other $4.00 food, but I only have $5.00… do you think I could have both anyway?”)

3. Getting free food is easier if its going to be thrown away anyway. (For those afraid of dumpsters, sometimes you can get the food before it gets thrown away just by asking.)

4. Being friendly, nice and polite always helps in obtaining food. Being cute doesn’t hurt either.

5. If you are planning on buying something from a place with a lot of options (grocery store deli, for example) push the “I don’t know yet what I want…” and try a lot of free samples under the guise of deciding what to buy. (This works best if you are actually intending to buy something.)

6. If you have a cause (“I’m a traveling performer and…”) then being in costume is helpful. Something that sets you a part from the rest of the crowd.

7. Offer something in return. Stickers, buttons, patches (merchandise in the case of us traveling performers).

8. Remember that it never hurts to ask. But if someone says no, don’t push it. Know when to back off and always be polite and thank them graciously anyway.




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