Pictures from tour

9 06 2008

I am profoundly apologetic that I am not able to update more often while on circus tour. I assure you I am keeping a log, parts of which I will post when this is all over. However, I rarely get internet time. On tour, it is not my job to internet.

Instead, it is my job to fix the engine and pose for silly pictures:
posing for a ridiculous picture

Also, I get to drive the bus and have fabulous company from Lindsay:
Lindsay is my copilot

You can view more pictures from the circus tour at our Flickr page! For those of you too lazy to click on a link, I’ll give you two more of my favorites:

Lindsay on the Salt Flats of Utah

Our poor bus broken down in Iowa




2 responses

9 06 2008

The photo of the Salt Flats is great!


PS…You sound like you are having the adventure of your lifetime! You won’t regret it.

10 06 2008

I have been to the Salt Flats. They are AWESOME. Miles and miles of delicious salt. Mmm.

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