Circus in Rochester, Minnesota

29 05 2008

We are in Rochester, Minnesota right now. We also passed through Madison, Wisconsin last night at sunset. Dinner was cooked on the shore of a lake as the sun went down. It was really beautiful.

Hypothetically, we are performing in a park here in Rochester. If it doesn’t rain any more today.

For those of you that don’t know, the bus runs on vegetable oil, and to cut costs, we’re using used restaurant vegetable oil, which needs to be filtered. Unfortunately, we have not gotten the filtering system to work yet. Thus far, we’ve been able to filter five gallons an hour, and the bus goes ten miles every gallon. It’s 1,200 miles from Boulder, CO to San Francisco, CA. I don’t really know what we’re going to do, but it sure makes the trip more exciting! We’re barely keeping on top of our schedule as it is because of how slow the bus drives.

This is definitely a big learning experience though! There’s a lot of excitement, both positive and negative. We’ve learned a lot for the next tour. I have to get back to the troupe, because it looks like the rain is lifting, and we’ve got a performance this evening!

I look forward to updating this more often when the tour is over! I have been reading the Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon, and I love it—though I met someone who didn’t really like it at all. I’m excited to let you all know what I think.




One response

31 05 2008

I’m so excited to read about your tour! I’ve been without internet for awhile myself (due to broken internet lines in my house), but now that I’m back, I’ll pick up the slack on some of the sci-fi posting, and look forward to reading more about your tour!
I am so impressed with you guys, and I love and miss you!

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