Circus Tour Underway!

27 05 2008

The lack of posting on my part is due to the fact that internet is quite scarce when your on a circus tour in a grease bus. We have performed twice now (Boston and Chicago) and we’ve even been able to street perform a bit in Chicago. We’ve been collecting grease like crazy (it is easier to get grease than a thought it would be – but a lot harder to filter…) and Jacob is currently working out a better filtration system involving buckets, mesh screen and a heating unit he wired himself. Maintaining the bus has turned out to be a full-time job (sometimes more than one) and so we’ve had to rearrange a lot of what we thought we could do on tour around the reality of collecting and filtering grease. Despite this – it’s been quite an exciting trip thus far. We are far, far away from making any money whatsoever, but we’re having a grand adventure and meeting amazing people so it’s all worthwhile.

An Adventure From the Road:

Pulling into a truck yard to turn around and meeting the owner (Tom Edwards) who was extraordinarily helpful and kind. He drove a couple of us to a local auto shop to pick up the parts we need and helped us out with the fuel filter. We learned of the terrible state of trucking in our country due to the rising price of gas (diesel in particular) and how most small/independent trucking companies are going out of business. It is nearly (if not entirely) impossible to make a profit as a small trucking company these days. One of the themes our circus show is aiming to address is the fuel industry. It’s interesting, this rising price of oil – I think it’s terrible that it negatively affects the lives of many people especially when oil companies are raking in huge profits, but I do not think the answer lies in somehow lowering the cost of oil. The higher the cost, the more people will need to invest seriously in alternate energy sources. I hope the transition is as smooth as possible. I know I’ve become really interested in playing the “what if” games with alternate energy.

So, what are some possible answers to the energy problem?

Solar? Wind? Bacteria? Satellites collecting solar energy? Waterfalls? Nuclear fission? Fusion? Discuss!




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