Jacob Performs a Miracle, and then Graduates from College.

17 05 2008

The Circus bus passed inspection! Jacob pulled off a small miracle by obtaining a fire extinguisher, chock blocks and orange safety triangles and then somehow getting to the inspection place minutes before it closed. The inspection guys apparently were very surprised, they told him they honestly hadn’t thought we were going to be able to pull off passing the inspection with the bus.

The last week has been pretty bus-intense for our troupe (especially Jacob and I.) We’ve taken a trip to a junkyard located in the middle of miles of nearly uninhabited woods (creepy…) we’ve been to the Trucking Repair place (the only place around that would look at the bus) 3 or 4 times at this point, we’ve been to the Auto Glass place three times – and every time we went somewhere new with the bus, we somehow managed to get not-quite-right directions and would end up towns away from where we wanted to be.

But now our bus passed inspection!! Never mind the leaking oil, the rotted exhaust pipe and the falling-apart coolant hose! Those things we can deal with in Boston.

Huge props to Jacob who never gave up (except a whole lot of his time and energy) and ultimately saved our bus! Huge props to Jacob who did all of this right up until today – the day he graduates from Hampshire College! Happy graduation Jacob. Your dedication in all that you do is both impressive and inspiring. And happy graduation to Rachel as well! You guys are both amazing.




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